The best time to travel during pregnancy is usually during the middle part of your pregnancy – from 14-28 weeks. At this time, most morning sickness has resolved and there is no risk of preterm labor.

We do not advise that you travel at all after 36 weeks or during the last month of pregnancy.

When traveling by car wear a seat belt at all times. The lap belt should be placed below your belly, not across it. Stop frequently and walk or move around to increase circulation as the risk of blood clots rises during pregnancy. It may take longer to reach your destination, but you and your baby will benefit from the breaks.

Travel by sea or air is safe as well. Most airlines discourage travel during the last month of pregnancy. We can provide a copy of your prenatal record to take with you on any trips.

If you plan on traveling overseas, particularly to a third-world country, check with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding immunization and vaccination recommendations.