For more complex insurance questions, you can make an appointment and meet with an insurance expert during office hours. We can also review your treatment plan and discuss alternate payment options.


You can use cash, personal check, American Express, Discover, VISA or MasterCard.

If you need to set up a prescription or request a refill, please visit the Online Portal.

Alternatively, please give us the name of the medication, dosage, pharmacy name, and phone number. We’ll contact your pharmacy to dispense a refill.

You can also contact your pharmacy directly with the refill information. If they need to contact our office for authorization, our fax number is 757-595-5377.

You may need to visit their office and sign a release. The transferring medical provider then sends the records to us. We need them about a week before your first appointment.

The transferring medical provider may charge you a fee – usually about $25 – to send the records.

If you are unable to retrieve your records, please ask our office about signing a medical release and our staff will obtain them before your visit.

In elective cases, the wait between your office visit and the surgical procedure, can be two weeks or more depending on the availability of medical staff and facilities.

After your surgery is scheduled your insurance benefits will be verified and you will be contacted by our insurance department.

We no longer perform surgeries at the PWC office, and exclusively preform surgeries at Mary Immaculate Hospital and at Mary Immaculate Ambulatory Surgery Center.

You can find directions to the hospital here.

Ultrasounds are ordered and scheduled by your medical provider.

MONDAY: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
FRIDAY: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM